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Hello and Welcome to Holistic Health 101 !

I'm looking forward to sharing the essential tools I use for myself and my clients to live a more balanced life

What is Holistic Health?

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Intro to EFT

4 Lessons

Would you like to know about the amazing technique that is EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique aka Tapping?  Then check out this module, it includes

* Introduction to EFT

* Video - How to do EFT

* eBook - EFT Basic Manual


Intro to Matrix Reimprinting

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Hi !

I'm sure you're thinking Matrix Reimprinting, what the heck is that?

Matrix Reimprinting is an advanced EFT technique that works amazingly quick and is incredibly effective on changing past memories and experiences.  Read this lesson to find out more...

The Power of Breathing

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Intro to Reflexology

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Bach Flower Remedies

4 Lessons

Hi .  Have you heard of the amazing benefits of Bach Flower Remedies?  These little bottles which are suitable for all ages, from the cradle to the grave and your furry friends too are brilliant at helping with emotional issues.

Bach Flower Remedies are completely natural and there are 38 different remedies to choose from, helping you to deal with fear, worry, anxiety, anger, people pleasing, grief, sorrow, confidence, sleep and so much more.

I absolutely swear by them personally and use them daily and lots of my clients have seen wonderful changes using these "magic drops" as they are quite often called.


Bonus Tap-Along Videos

9 Lessons

Join me in these easy to follow Tap-Along Videos using EFT

  • Tap-Along for Feelings of Overwhelm
  • Tap-Along for Exam Nerves and Stress
  • Tap-Along for Hot Flushes in Menopause
  • Tap-Along to Release the Weeks Stress
  • Tap-Along for Hayfever
  • Tap-Along for First Date Nerves
  • Tap-Along for Releasing Anger
  • Tap Along For Mental Exhaustion (Monday Morning Feeling)
  • Tap-Along for Chronic Worrying

Lets Get To Know Each Other!

2 Lessons

When you are working with someone about your health and wellbeing you want to feel comfortable and connected with them, I completely understand that, so let me introduce myself....